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At Hop Shing Engineering & Construction Limited we take a much more comprehensive approach to the construction process than most construction contractors / applicators will ever do.

Namely we see a successful project to be a top quality approach to the project design and product specification, product application and after-work follow-up, not just purely the application of product.

For this reason we have a "Specification Team" that as a free service, can assist you with the following:-

  • Design considerations - details on what is the best design approach to take & drawings.
  • Product selection - overview of product choices and which is the best option and why.
  • Method statements - provision of detailed method statements for works.
  • Program of works - detailed program of the application works.
  • On-site QA - follow-up on site to ensure that works are being & have been completed correctly.
  • Testing procedure - details on what should be tested & how to test works have been completed successfully.

Our Specifying Team has aided the specification process and offered assistance to architects, main contractors and construction site staff on numerous projects - some case studies of these are as follows (please click the highlighted links for more information):-

2) Hop Shing - Case Studies

  • Airport Joints Problem - specification & application of a solution to overcome sealant failure on the airport.
  • Bridge & Overpass Eyesore & Decay - specification & application of a solution to beautify bridges & overpasses and at the same time protect them from the saline environment they are exposed to.
  • Road concrete reinstatement - specification & application of a solution to fix a damaged concrete road.
  • Bus Terminus Safety, wear & tear - specification & application of a solution to ensure long life & safe parking of buses is achieved.
  • Stormwater drain reinstatement - specification & application of a solution to reinstate a damaged and failing stormwater drain.

Please feel free to ask us more about how we can help at all stages of the construction process and any projects we have been involved.


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