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Hand in hand with roads, metro, railways and water systems tunnels are an important part of any infrastructure system and this is also true for Greater China.

Hong Kong has numerous tunnels of which the following 12 road tunnels are the most notable:-

  • Aberdeen Tunnel - links Causeway Bay to Aberdeen zzzzzz(58,000 vehicles per day)
  • Cross Harbour Tunnel - links Wanchai to Honghom zzzzz(120,000 vehicles per day)
  • Cheung Tsing Tunnel - runs under Tsing Yi Island zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (unknown number)
  • Discovery Bay Tunnel - link tunnel in Discovery Bay zzzzzzzzzzz(600 vehicles per day)
  • Eastern Harbour Crossing - links Lamtin to Quarry Bay zzzz(73,000 vehicles per day)
  • Kai Tak Airport Tunnel - links Kwun Tong to Kowloon zzzzzz(59,000 vehicles per day)
  • Lion Rock Tunnel - links Kowloon to Shatin zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(90,000 vehicles per day)
  • Shing Mun Tunnel - links Tsuen Wan to Shatin zzzzzzzzzzzz(55,000 vehicles per day)
  • Tai Lam Tunnel - links Route 3 to Yuen Long zzzzzzzzzzzzzz(44,000 vehicles per day)
  • Tate's Cairn Tunnel - zzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(63,000 vehicles per day)
  • Tseung Kwun O Tunnel - links Kwun Tong to Tseung Kwun O (69,000 vehicles per day)
  • Western Harbour Crossing - links Yaumatei to Sheung Wan z(40,000 vehicles per day)

Hop Shing Engineering & Construction Limited was involved in many areas of the construction and has also been involved in the maintenance and improvement projects since their completion.
Some of the works we have been involved in include the following:-

a) During Construction

  • Floor & Wall Coatings - decorative and protective coating of floors, walls etc.
  • Surface Treatment Coatings - protective coating of concrete surfaces.
  • Joint Sealing - internal and external sealing of joints.

b) Maintenance and Improvement Projects since Construction

  • Waterproofing - leak repairs, replacement of waterproofing systems.
  • Concrete repair - both for structural or decorative reasons.
  • Sealing works - repair and replacement of seals.
  • Protective & decorative coating of structures.
  • Anti-slip road coatings - application of antislip coatings on private roads.

Please feel free to ask us more about the Tunnel works we have been involved in and how we can assist you within this sector.


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