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Bridges are an important part of any infrastructure system and this is also true for Greater China.

In Hong Kong there are 1,055 flyovers and bridges - the most notable being the following:-

Main Area
Bridge / Carriageway Name
Bridge / Carriageway Details
Eastern Corridor (HK Island)
Central - Chai Wan flyover
Dual 3-lane road runs from Central to Causeway Bay. Construction of a nine-kilometre extension further east to Chai Wan
1981 - 1989
Airport Express Line
Bridge linking Tung Chung and Chek Lap Kok Airport
6-span bridge constructed in segmental launching method, worth average span about 60m and elevated 25m above sea level
Airport Express Line
Rail bridge linking the Rambler channel at Tsing Yi
850m balanced cantilever bridge and access viaduct. Bridge is double-decked with 4 rail tracks on each level.
Airport Express Line
Road bridge crossing the Rambler channel at Tsing Yi
3-span, double decked viaduct with average span about 120m and elevated 35m
Lantau Fixed Crossing
Kap Shui Mun Bridge including the approach section at Lantau side
430m span cable-stayed bridge
Lantau Fixed Crossing
Ma Wan Viaduct -between Tsing Ma Bridge and Kap Shui Mun Bridge
650m, 6 span elevated section of in-situ RC construction. Double decked, worth average span at 85m and elevated 35m from ground
Lantau Fixed Crossing
Tsing Ma Bridge linking Tsing Yi Island and Ma Wan, including an approach section on Tsing Yi Side
1377m span suspension bridge with 288m approach section (longest rail and road in the world!
Route 3 - Country Park Section
Elevated Interchange in Au Tau at the Yuen Long Plains
Totally 800m in length, average span about 45m and elevated 30m
Route 3 - Country Park Section
Ting Kau Bridge approach section
8-span in-situ RC construction, with max. span in 110m, averaged 35m above ground
Route 3 - Country Park Section
Ting Kau Bridge crossing the northern part of Rambler Channel
3-span cable stayed bridge averaged 430m span
Route 3 - Kwai Chung Section
4.5km elevated structures out of the 6km expressway, with major elevated interchanging network at Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi
Elevated similar structure to WKE. Some interchange and channel crossing sections are elevated 40m. Double decked and spanned more than 90m. The 1.6km section at Kwai Chung (dual 4-lane) are constructed in precast beams.
West Kowloon Expressway (WKE)
2.5km elevated structures out of the 4.5km expressway, with major elevated interchanging network at Cheung Wan and Lai Chi Kok
Elevated structure constructed of precast box girder in the form of segmental viaduct, with average span 40m, 15 m above ground
Hung Hom Bypass
1.3 km elevated dual carriageway located in the Kowloon downtown of Hunghom with numerous interchanges at various locations
Majority of the carriageways are constructed in segmental viaduct with average span 35m, elevated 15m. Some of the sections span rail tracks and toll plaza at Hunghom tunnel entrance.
Tsing Yi North Coastal Road
2.2 km dual 2-lane carriageway linking between Northwest Tsing Yi Interchange and Tin Kau Bridge
1.4 km carriageway of segment viaduct construction, average span at 40m and elevated 30m
West Rail
13 km in the NT section of the 31km rail project linking New Territories (NT) with downtown Kowloon
Viaduct construction with average span 35m and elevated 18m. Some sections at Au Tau Interchange are 90m spanned and elevated 25m.
West Kowloon Expressway (WKE)
Hong Kong-Shenzhen Bridge
3.2-kilometre dual three-lane carriageway spanning across Deep Bay from Ngau Hom Shek, NT to Shenzhen, China boarder
2003 - 2005
Stonecutters Bridge
Bridge spanning the Rambler Channel between Stonecutters Island and Tsing Yi Island.
1018 m span bridge with deck width of 51m
Hong Kong / Zhuhai Bridge (Tsing Lung Bridge)
Bridge spanning Ma Wan Channel between Hong Kong and Zhuhai City in China
29km long (1,418 span, main gravity anchored suspension bridge)
Road T7 at Ma On Shan
Total of 3.2km carriageway from Ma On Shan New Town to Northeastern NT
1.2km elevated carriageway constructed in segmental viaduct, with average span of 40m and elevated 15m
Eastern Corridor (HK Island)
Central - Wan Chai to Causeway Bay flyover bypass
1.4 km long trunk road connecting the Rumsey Street Flyover at Central and the Island Eastern Corridor at Causeway Bay, including a 2.3 km long dual 3-lane road tunnel, two 0.7 km long 2-lane one-way road tunnels and a 1.0 km long dual 4-lane elevated road
2004 - 2012

Hop Shing Engineering & Construction Limited was involved in many areas of the construction and has also been involved in the maintenance and improvement projects since their completion.
Some of the works we have been involved in include the following:-

a) During Construction

  • Anti-slip road coatings - application of antislip coatings on road decks.
  • Joint Sealing - sealing of joints between precast panels
  • Surface Treatment Coatings - protective coating of concrete surfaces.

b) Maintenance and Improvement Projects since Construction

  • Anti-slip road coatings - application of antislip coatings on road decks - please see our project report.
  • Surface Treatment Coatings - protective coating of concrete surfaces - please see our project report here....
  • Protective & decorative coating of road barriers etc. - please see our project report.
  • Sealant replacement on sections.

Please feel free to ask us more about the bridge related works we have been involved in and how we can assist you within this sector.

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