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Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong opened on July 6, 1998 at a cost of approximately 20 billion U.S. dollars (about 155 billion Hong Kong dollars). The airport alone cost 9 billion dollars, with the extra 11 billion being spent on the construction of the main access means of transportation. Namely two suspension bridges across to Lantau and a brand-new expressway. To top it all, a high-tech express railway system links the 34 km separating the airport from the Central business district in 23 minutes.

Due to the scale of airport operations in Hong Kong, the airport area itself is on 1,248 hectares (3,083.8 acres) of land and is like a mini city, containing the following infrastructure and facilities to handle the following:

  • Two runways
  • A huge passenger terminal of 550,000 m2 (657,800 sq. yards) containing 88 passenger gates
  • A Hotel, Flight Catering, Aircraft Maintenance, Airline Headquarter Buildings (e.g. Cathay) and so on.
  • Kilometres of roadways both inside and surrounding the airport.
  • The airport is ultimately designed to handle upto 47 flights per hour, 87 million passengers and 9 million metric tons (9.9 imperial tons) in cargo per annum.

Hop Shing Engineering & Construction Limited was involved in many areas of the construction and has also been involved in the maintenance and improvement projects since the airport opened.
Some of the works we have been involved in include the following:-

a) During Construction

  • Floor harderning - powerfloating and application of concrete surface harderners
  • Floor coatings - application of epoxy floors.
  • Waterproofing - sheet and liquid membrances on various buildings and infrastructure areas.
  • Surface Treatment Coatings - protective coating of concrete surfaces.

b) Maintenance and Improvement Projects since Construction

  • Sealant replacement on all taxiways and parking bays (also sealant application on the additional cargo parking bays that have been added since construction first took place).
  • Asphalt rejuvenation on airport carpark.
  • Road and culvert repairs and resealing of joints on airport roadways.
  • Protective & decorative coating of road barriers leading to the airport.
  • Concrete repair of airport infrastructure
  • Airport tunnel waterproofing and leak repairs

Please feel free to ask us more about the airport works we have been involved in and how we can assist you within this sector.


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